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Micro-electronic Consultants, specializing in Mixed-Signal Design and High-Speed Communications


Harwood & Szczepanek Co

HSZ (Harwood & Szczepanek)  Consulting provide analogue and digital consultancy in  micro-electronic mixed-signal design,  with demonstrable world-class accomplishments in high speed networking and communications. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the definition, architecture, design, debug, and evaluation  of analogue and digital integrated circuits. Individually we are experts in Analogue and Digital IC design and as a team we provide a unique mixed signal capability.


Located near to Cambridge, Oxford and the M4 corridor we are close to the main UK high-technology clusters. We also have extensive experience working with customers on the US west coast.


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To contact us:

Phone: +44-1604-289303 (Andre Szczepanek)

Phone: +44-7761-530963 (Mike Harwood)


E-mail : andre@hszconsulting.com

E-mail : mike@hszconsulting.com